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Peter Jackson: ‘Doctor Who’ Fanboy

I’m sure most Whovians won’t be surprised to hear that Peter Jackson is a total superfan when it comes to Doctor Who.

Well get this! The Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings director, who is currently hard at work onThe Hobbit films in his native New Zealand, actually owns the costume worn by Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy. It’s set up his house for everyone to see, too.

When speaking with Doctor Who Insider magazine, Jackson’s friend Frances Barber — who we’ve seen as the evil, eye patch-wearin’ Madame Kovarian in several episodes this season — spilled the beans about the purchase, The Press Association reports.

“Sylvester and I were in Peter’s house and he said, ‘Look in that cabinet,’ Barber explained. “In there was Sylvester’s Doctor Who costume. Peter bought it on eBay. Isn’t that wacky?”

via BBC America - Whoniversity Blog

Hells yeah, PJ + Doctor Who.

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    Dear Peter Jackson, Thank you for breaking the awesome scale yet again.
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    Hells yeah, PJ + Doctor Who.
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    Can someone call...make him do a DW episode? THANK YOU PLEASE.
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    Peter Jackson: ‘Doctor Who’ Fanboy
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